Introducing different breeds of parrots


Parrots are one of the most popular birds that most people prefer to keep at home. There are different types of parrots and due to their high intelligence, they can be trained. If you are looking for a kind bird that can talk, a parrot would be an ideal choice.
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Parrots are divided into different species depending on their color and appearance, and today there are more than 390 species of parrots in the world. Some parrots have short tails and some have long tails, some have a crest on their head, and the color of each parrot’s body feathers is different.
The main food of parrots is fruits and seeds, which are crushed with the help of their strong beaks. Parrots can learn the words you teach them and repeat the same word.
As mentioned, parrots have different breeds, which we will introduce the most well-known breeds of parrots.


tow Budgerigars

The Budgerigar is a species of parrot that has a good relationship with humans and on the other hand is cheaper in price than other breeds. This breed is usually seen in green, yellow and blue colors. In general, the lifespan of lovebirds can be between 5 and 10 years, and after one year, they are able to reproduce.
In order to teach your lovebird how to whistle, you must adopt a 3-month-old male lovebird and start training him. If the Budgerigar is with its mate, it will be almost impossible to train it because all its attention will be focused on the other mate.

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Cockatiel (Dutch bride)

 lutino Cockatiel
 lutino Cockatiel

The Cockatiel is also the second most popular breed of parrots in Iran, which many people want to raise because of their good singing and good morals. There are many types of Cockatiels, but the Dutch bride with the orange species is usually found more than other species. The Cockatiel, with the help of her crest, shows that she is sad or happy and opens and closes it to express her feelings.
The Cockatiel has a longer lifespan than the lovebird and usually stays with you for up to 15 years. From the age of 2 you have the ability to reproduce and to train it you have to prepare a young male Cockatiel.

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Casco (grey parrot)

grey parrot
grey parrot

Casco is a breed of parrot with a length of 30 to 40 cm. Casco’s whole body is gray and in some of them the tips of the tail and wings are white. If you keep grey parrot in a cage, it will live for 40 to 60 years and will be able to reproduce for the rest of its life. This breed has the ability to mimic sound and is therefore very popular among the people. This bird is one of the smartest birds in the world due to its high ability to learn.
Macau Yellow Blue
One of the parrots that can talk is the yellow-blue Macaw parrot, which reaches a length of 80 cm. These parrots live up to 50 years and show high learning power.

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tow lovebirds (Brazilian parrots)

lovebird (Brazilian parrots) are one of the most lovable species of birds that are always seen next to their mates. These parrots do not have much ability to mimic sound, but they have a beautiful appearance and communicate easily with the people around them. The average lifespan of a lovebird is between 15 and 30 years, with a body length of up to 17 cm. The smallest breed among parrots is the Brazilian breed.

Melange Parrot

 Melange Parrot

The birthplace of the Melange Parrot dates back to Africa and Asia and has a beautiful appearance. Malango will live between 15 and 20 years depending on environmental conditions and have a very special sound. Compared to Casco, this breed does not pronounce words quite correctly, but they show great learning power.

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Cockatoo parrot


Cockatoo parrots are divided into two types, white-crested and yellow-crested. This parrot is between 30 and 40 years old and, like Casco, has a very high intelligence for learning words.
The cockatoo parrot is very sensitive and before you buy it, you should note that you will spend enough time for the parrot. If you do not pay attention, you will encounter cockatoo noise.

Amazon Parrot

amazon parrot

The Amazon parrot is one of the most intelligent birds you will ever see. This parrot pronounces words clearly and has a great learning power. The kind of expression of words by the Amazon parrot will fascinate you and show your energy through words. In addition to these features, the Amazon parrot also has a beautiful and colorful appearance that will attract everyone’s attention.

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Eclectus parrot

The color of male and female parrots is very different in the Eclectus breed. Male Eclectus is usually green and has blue and red spots on parts of the body; But the female is red with purple feathers.

Macau parrot

macau parrot

Macau is one of the largest breeds of parrot, which is a little harder to maintain than other breeds. These parrots have the ability to talk and learn and are constantly in need of entertainment and play.


The parrots introduced in this article are just a few examples of the 390 different breeds of parrots. Before buying a parrot, it is better to get acquainted with their behavioral characteristics, some parrots are more sensitive and some need a larger place to keep. Depending on the characteristics of each parrot and the correct understanding of the ethics of each breed, you can make a good choice and not be satisfied only with their appearance. In some breeds of parrots, if you spend little time with them or can not meet their needs, the parrot will be upset and may not have a good relationship with you.


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