Colds in cockatiel, Treatment of colds cockatiel

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The cockatiel is one of the most beautiful birds that always constant companion of humans. This time we are going to talk about the treatment of colds cockatiel.

This bird is a parrot breed that has a good speaking ability due to its high intelligence. This feature makes the cockatiel one of the most popular poultry.

But, this beautiful and delicate Australian bird needs special care to survive; because many diseases can threaten his health.

One of these diseases is the cold; you should treat the cockatiel cold Treatment very early in the early days of the illness.

In addition, it is necessary to know that; one of the problems in female birds, including the cockatiel, is spawning and babysitting.

It may seem strange to you, and tell yourself what care can hurt the mother if not kept. Unfortunately, this problem makes females have a weaker immune system than males.

In this content, we want to introduce the necessary tips for prevention, please accompany cotwer until the end of the article so that we can prevent possible problems and colds with together.

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Transmission of the virus from humans to cockatiel

That first wants to know if we humans can transmit the cold virus to our beloved little bird or not?

The cockatiel usually cannot transmit the cold virus from humans; but if a human cold causes an infection, it can be transmit to a bird or pet.

It is best way to take precautions to keep the bird healthy and to prevent germs from entering the cockatiel’s cage. Although, your cough and sneezing do not make the bird sick; but be careful.

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white face cockatiel

People with a bacterial infection can transmit symptoms such as congestion, sore throat or flu to a cockatiel. So always be careful in these cases try not to have too much contact with your cockatiel.

When you are sick, be sure to wash your hands before and after cleaning the cage and feeding the cockatiel.

Do not cough or sneeze near the bird under any circumstances. Try not to touch your cockatiel until you are fully recovered.

Suitable nutrition of the cockatiel when she has a cold you can maintain your bird’s immune system with a suitable and complete diet.

Foods that contain only bird seeds and a mixture of seeds are not enough to meet your cockatiel’s needs and weaken her immune system.

What should a healthy diet look like?

Your bird’s daily diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, along with other supplements recommended by your veterinarian. If your cockatiel’s diet is complete; it has helped you a lot to cure the disease.

One of the best ways to treat a cockatiel is to give her more water and fluids. If you notice a cockatiel’s hoarse voice, add tonics such as carrots and other liquids to her diet.

If you are thinking of strengthening your bird, we have provided you with useful solutions in the relevant link. We suggest you do not miss the article on strengthening the cockatiel.

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Symptoms of a cockatiel cold treatment

Symptoms of a cockatiel cold and respiratory infection can include runny nose, sneezing or changes in the bird’s voice, and purulent discharge from the cockatiel’s nose.

Of course, some birds do not show any symptoms but are tired or lethargic. In some of them, closed eyes are a sign of their illness and their feathers are slowly falling out. There are other more precise signs, some of which we will explain.

cold cockatiel in tree
Colds in cockatiel

Body temperature

The temperature of the cockatiel’s feet indicates the health of this bird.

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You can easily detect a bird’s fever by the temperature of its legs. If your cockatiel is tame and sits on her finger, you can more easily feel her body temperature.

To measure a bird’s body temperature, make sure your bird is not too active and does not have a fast heartbeat.

This will cause the body temperature to show above normal and it is better for your bird to be calm.

In general, the body temperature of a cockatiel is about 41 degrees Celsius and the temperature of her legs is 37 to 39 degrees Celsius.

If the cockatiel has a cold, the temperature will be higher than usual, and in this case it is said that the bird has a fever.

The state of the eyes

If the bird is healthy and has no problems, it has open and normal eyes. Note, that if your bird’s eyes are half open or drooping, it is more likely to catch a cold.

Cold feet

If his feet were colder than usual; it can be a sign of stress or excitement.

When his feet are cold for a long time can be a sign of a disorder of his cardiovascular system that you should consult a veterinarian.

Maybe you have trouble catching the ambient temperature or your bird does not have a suitable cage for itself; with one click, you can download the product interface application and enter a safe environment for the convenience of your work to provide a thermometer or a suitable cage for your bird.

Sleep too much

Cockatiels, like us humans, like to sleep a lot when they are sick or upset. It is important to know that too much sleep in birds is a sign of illness or a cold for your cockatiel.

Shortness of breath in colds cockatiel

Treating a cockatiel with a cold is essential to save her life from death.

When they have a cold, these birds may have severe shortness of breath and suffocate within minutes.

Some birds with beaks hang themselves on cage bars so that their trachea is stretched and they can breathe a little easier. In this case, they have more oxygen.

Nasal discharge

Nasal discharge is not watery at this time, but it is thick and yellowish. You can see the discharge and purulent infections on the beak of the cockatiel.

How to clean a cockatiel’s nose

If you have a cockatiel’s nose, be sure to use a cleanser to clean it.

Because birds are not like humans and do not have the power to empty their noses. His owner must help the bird in this task.

You should be careful not to put your hand near his eyes after cleaning his nose with the help of cleansers; because it causes an infection in the cockatiel’s eye. When cleaning the nose, be careful not to squeeze the mucus into the top of the nose in one place.

Reduce feathers

When birds are sick, they stop cleaning and tidying their feathers. When you encounter this; so know that your bird is suffering from a serious problem.

Feathers in birds are the cause of their survival in different conditions; so be sure to take this issue seriously. This is a serious sign of a cold that you need to treat quickly.

Sneezing in colds cockatiel

Frequent or excessive sneezing can be a sign of your bird catching a cold. Pay attention to your bird’s reactions so that if it is sick, you can prevent it very quickly.

Weight Loss in colds cockatiel

Rapid weight loss in birds is not good at all and is one of the main signs of frustration of your cockatiel. If the disease has reached a point that has caused him to lose weight, it means that your bird is in a dangerous condition and can cause the death of the bird.

cockatiel colds

Treatment of colds cockatiel

If the cockatiel has a cold, she will be careless with her owner and will be more insensitive to everything than ever.

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When a bird has a cold, it cannot be expected to cough; Because birds do not have a diaphragm and cannot cough as easily as humans and only make a sound like sneezing and coughing.

Respiratory disease care

Cockatiel can get respiratory illnesses alone or through contact with a sick person. They are sensitive to Mycoplasma or Chlamydophila.

Respiratory infections of birds are often found in parrots, budgie and cockatiel and may be a sign of a cold.

To treat a cockatiel with a cold, you should check her breathing.767

Diagnosis and cockatiel cold treatment

Once you find out that your cockatiel is ill, remember to never try to treat her yourself.

If the bird’s disease is not taken seriously and veterinary care is not taken, it can lead to its death.

See a veterinarian

A good veterinarian performs a complete physical examination of the cockatiel. The veterinarian will test him if necessary to detect the virus.

He may test the bird’s blood or take pictures of different parts of its body, depending on the cockatiel’s illness.

To treat a cockatiel with a cold, your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics.

Your veterinarian may make changes to your bird’s diet.

Of course, it is possible to suggest for treatment, rest and sleep.

You know that being overworked is a threat to your health, and getting enough sleep and rest can help you get through the healing process better.

Antibiotics in the treatment of colds cockatiel

If you are taking care of the cockatiel of this beautiful and talkative bird, remember that when the cold is in advanced stages, you should use antibiotics and be sure to be under the supervision of a doctor.

cockatiel eating

Treatment of cockatiel e colds with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many vitamins, minerals and excellent ingredients. Consuming this substance will make your bird healthier.

If your bird is suffering from a cold and is seeking treatment; we suggest you try apple cider vinegar as well.

Apple cider vinegar is not a food; rather, it should be used occasionally in treatment and to improve the bird’s health in small amounts.

Types of cockatiel cold treatment

In birds, unlike humans, bacterial colds do not heal on their own after a few days. It will only get worse over time; because the bacteria multiply and settle in more parts of the bird’s nose, sinuses and mouth (throat).

If the cockatiel’s cold is not treated with antibiotics, it can become a chronic illness and, in the worst case, kill your bird’s nose and brain.

The nostrils become enlarged and the sick bird suffers from pain and suffocation due to mucus sticking.

Colds can also be a symptom of psittacosis.

To determine if the cockatiel’s cold is due to psittacosis? Be sure to consult a veterinarian; because psittacosis is still the same disease and can be transmitted from birds to humans.

Cold treatment of cockatiel chickens

If the cockatiel has a chicken in her cage with other birds, you should remove it immediately to prevent the disease from spreading to other birds.

To treat the cold of the cockatiel’s head, you need to make sure that the cockatiel is warm enough wherever she is; because they need heat to return to their proper body temperature. To keep the cage warm, try hanging a light bulb over his head.

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Home treatment method

There are also effective home remedies for treating your cockatiel’s cold faster.

Including heat therapy; Of course, another method is inhalation. Of course, it is better to consult a veterinarian to use hot water vapor so as not to harm your bird.

Do not kiss your bird at all if you have a cold or any respiratory infection.

Be sure to wash your hands before touching the bird; otherwise you may infect him.

If you regularly clean the cockatiel’s cage, you have done your best to prevent your cockatiel from catching a cold.

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Is it safe to take antibiotics without a veterinarian’s prescription?

Do not give antibiotics to your bird without a veterinarian’s prescription. This is because the common cold is a viral illness and the use of antibiotics for the common cold is not a good way to start treatment.

What is the right temperature to keep a cockatiel?

In general, the best temperature for keeping a cockatiel is 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. This temperature is not a problem for your bird. You have to be careful that he is not at a temperature below 5 degrees.

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