Make money from raising Cockatiel


The Cockatiel is a smart, beautiful and well-behaved bird that can be kept at home without any problems. The main birthplace of the Cockatiel is Australia, but today it can be seen all over the world because many people prefer to have a beautiful Cockatiel in their home. The Cockatiel belongs to the parrot family and is also known as the crested parrot because of the mane on its head. Whenever the bird experiences excitement, fear or stress, the crest will open and close, indicating that the parrot is happy or sad. If the owner of the Cockatiel spends enough time with him, they can be taught a special rhythm or some words and you will have a Cockatiel speaking with a proper training program of a Cockatiel. The ideal conditions for the Cockatiel to live in are the tropical forests of Australia, but they can be well cared for in other parts of the world.

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Earn income from raising a Cockatiel

Some people, along with their great interest in birds and Dutch brides, are thinking of making money from breeding this beautiful bird. These people, in addition to spending time caring for their Cockatiel, make arrangements for the Cockatiel to mate so that they can make money from selling her chicks. Usually, in order to earn a substantial income from raising a Cockatiel, you have to rent a salon or house and put a few pairs of Cockatiel inside this salon. After the couple mates, new Cockatiel are born who will stay in the same environment for up to three months. After three months, when the Cockatiel’s chickens are strong enough, they take her to the market for sale.

raising Cockatiel
raising Cockatiel

How to raise a Cockatiel

Bird breeding is done in different ways that each person can proceed with one of these methods depending on their circumstances and choice.
• Buy a productive Cockatiel: The easiest way is to buy a laying bird that can be used to have more Cockatiel. The productive Cockatiel has the ability to reproduce and lay eggs, and her fertilized egg can be placed inside the incubator to become a chick. The only important thing in this method is to choose a healthy Dutch bride, because if the Cockatiel is sick, it is possible that the chickens will be sick.
• Buying an incubator: Another popular way to raise a Cockatiel is to buy a fertilized egg and an incubator. In this method, people put the fertilized eggs inside the incubator and after the chicks are born, they wait until the chicks reach 3-4 months of age and sell them. When buying a fertilized egg, you should do the necessary research on the seller, because if the fertilized egg is weak, it will not turn into a chicken, and as a result, your costs will be wasted. You can not buy every device to buy an incubator because the incubator style of decorative birds is different and they have their own devices. In this method, the eggs remain inside the machine for 23 days to become chickens.
• Buying a newborn chicken: This method does not require an incubator or a productive Cockatiel. Breeders sometimes decide to buy a young Cockatiel and then spend their time training her. The Cockatiel will be able to repeat the words after a little training, which will increase the purchase price of this bird compared to other birds. After the Cockatiel receives the necessary training, they sell it at a higher price and earn money.

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