How to determine the sex of a Cockatiel?

a lotino cockatiel

The cockatiel is one of the most popular domestic birds because of its beauty and friendly relationship with humans. Many people like to keep this bird in their homes. Sex identification is crucial for breeding and maintaining them, so methods will be introduced to determine the sex of a Cockatiel and know about this lovely bird in this study.

determine the sex of Cockatiels

The cockatiel is one of the most popular ornamental birds in the world. Determining the sex of Nymphicus hollandicus bird is very important for those who intend to buy, sell or breed it. When you want to breed a beautiful cockatiel bird, which is a order of crested parrots, to incubate and breed it, you must buy the male and female of this parrot and use their fertilized eggs for hatching. In the following, we will introduce you to the tricks of identifying the sex of this bird.

a male cockateil on tree

cockatiel sex detection

Determining the sex according to the bird’s body color

The sex of some species of cockatiel can only be identified by their body color. The cockatiel can be distinguished up to the age of two depending on the wings’ color and layout. The male cockatiel has white feathers, and the ends of the feathers are yellow. The tail color of the male cockatiel is lemon, and there are no spots or circular shapes on it. All feathers are covered with yellow spots in the female cockatiel. The wings’ layout on them has a circular shape that helps to identify the sex of the cockatiel.

determine the sex of Cockatiels with them comb

The male cockatiel has a long, narrow comb that is constantly growing. However, the female cockatiel had a shorter comb that was wider.

Determining the sex cockatiel according to the bird’s voice

The male cockatiel’s voice changes after becoming an adult and produces a good voice. However, the female cockatiel does not change her voice after puberty, and only their screaming voice increases.

Determining the sex cockatiel according to the bird’s feet

At first glance, the feet of a cockatiel’s male or female may not be much different, but visitors will notice that they are different in some ways with a closer look. The male cockatiel has thin and long legs and long nails. However, the female cockatiel has wider, smaller legs and shorter nails.

Determining the sexcockatiel according to the bird’s behavior

In general, when a bird constantly starts singing with a good voice, it can be assured that it is male. So that male cockatiel can repeat some words with practice, but the female cockatiel is very calm and often silent. If the female cockatiel wants to sing, screams, and will not repeat the words with practice.

Determining the sex cockatiel according to the bird’s pelvis

This classification is difficult due to much feathers on the bird. The female cockatiel’s pelvis is wider than the male cockatiel, and the difference is quite noticeable after egg-laying.

Determining the sex cockatiel according to the bird’s how to sit

The male cockatiel sits on a bar with straight and stretched legs, but the female cockatiel little spreads her legs.

Determining the sex cockatiel according to the bird’s shape of the breast

For this method of diagnosis, the breast of the cockatiel must be touched; If it is perfectly flat, it is male, and if it has concavity, it is female.

Despite all these methods, it is best to be consulted a specialist or veterinarian for a precise diagnosis. They can recognize gender through their knowledge and experience.

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