Keeping Budgerigars As Pets , Choosing and Buying Budgerigars


Raising Budgerigar from training to practice

The act of keeping and raising Budgerigar will be interesting and fun for everyone, as long as they are familiar with Ibn Kar’s techniques and methods. Budgerigar are known as Budgerigar.

Surely you are one of those who are interested in raising Budgerigar and their world, so we suggest you stay tuned for the rest of this article.

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First, you will get acquainted with the general features and characteristics of Budgerigar, then the methods and techniques of selecting and buying Budgerigar will be discussed. Budgerigar must be heterogeneous and between 1 and 3 years old, in the final stage their health must be approved by a veterinarian. After buying Budgerigar, you should think of a suitable cage for them, in their cage should be used sitting rods, laying hens, toys, eating and drinking. Finally, you will get acquainted with the correct way of feeding and providing the conditions for mating Budgerigar.

Budgerigar in nature prefer to live in pairs, so it is best to have a pair of Budgerigar for ease of breeding. Make sure your partner has a proper cage and an nest for spawning, feeding and feeding. Once the birds have adapted to their cage, you can encourage them to reproduce and lay eggs.

Sparky Williams is the most famous talking Budgerigar

It is interesting to know that throughout history, there have been Budgerigar whose owners have become famous for raising them. One of the most famous was Sparkie Williams, who won the award in 1954 and appeared on many radio, television and newspaper networks of his time.about:blankThe response is not a valid JSON response.ImageUpload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL.UploadMedia LibraryInsert from URL

Sparkie Williams

Sparky became famous after winning the Talking Bird in 1958. He attracted television, radio, and news programs. After his death, he was well preserved in the Great Museum of the North, Hancock, and is now considered the most valuable asset of that museum. The enjoyable story of Sparky and its owner, Matthew Williams, also amazes people, artists and writers.

Specifications Budgerigar

The Budgerigar is a bird that falls into the category of small birds in terms of size. If you look more closely, this bird is 21 cm long and weighs 40 grams.

One of the most obvious points of appearance is the six-dot lines under the throat in this bird, which has given it a special beauty. According to historians, the first Budgerigar had bright goat colors, yellow pink and black wave motifs. It is interesting to know that the Australians named it “Wavy Parrot” because of the appearance of the Budgerigar. The wavy pattern on the head, face, neck and back of the Budgerigar is green and blue, black.

pair Budgerigars

The lifespan of a Budgerigar in a cage is between 5 and 8 years and sometimes up to 11 years, which can be a good friendship for most people. Also in nature, this bird lives between 10 and 15 years.

The life of this bird depends on how it is bred and its general health, which is the result of its health and diet. All that has been said is explained separately.

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Choosing and Buying Budgerigars

1- Buy from a reputable seller

To raise Budgerigar in a principled way, buy your birds from a reputable store or breeder. Ask the breeder or store owner questions about previous owners. Then make sure the birds are kept in a safe and clean environment.

Also, make sure that the birds do not look anxious or restless. Examine all the birds in the store to make sure they are physically healthy and active. Because if one or two birds are sick, there is a possibility of transmitting the disease to the bird you want.

Do a search on the internet and research the seller or breeder, there may be signs that the seller is unreliable and there are people who have published comments about him.

2- Selecting unmatched pairs for raising Budgerigar

To prevent birth defects, choose two birds that are not related to each other. Related birds mate with each other if they are male or female. However, the next generation will become abnormal or prone to disease if they survive. Therefore, it is important to observe the following points before buying:

When you buy your Budgerigar, ask about their relationship.

Birds kept by different breeders are unlikely to be related.

In some cases, a couple can mate with their grandchildren and own a Budgerigar with less risk.

3 Budgerigars on tree

3- Look for strong pairs of vigor

Look for a pair that has already reproduced to produce the best Budgerigar. In addition to the fact that Budgerigar should not be related to each other, they should also be kept in a cage so that they can mate easily, because they mate faster than birds that do not know each other, and in this case there is no need until the mate is fully accustomed. Wait for each other.

In some cases, birds kept in close cages will mate sooner than strange Budgerigar.

4- Suitable age of female bird

To breed Budgerigar, choose a female bird from 1 to 3 years old. One-year-old females usually give birth to healthier chicks. However, it will be more fertile before the age of three.

If you are not sure how old your chicken is, you can see your veterinarian to evaluate it. Your veterinarian can determine the approximate age of your bird.

5- Suitable age of male bird

Choose a male bird from 1 to 6 years old. Like the female Budgerigar, if the male is at least one year old, it will produce healthier offspring. Unlike females, male birds can produce healthy offspring by the age of six.

If you are not sure about the age of your Budgerigar, do not hesitate and go to a veterinarian to clear your doubts.

6 – Budgerigar health test

Take your birds to a veterinarian to confirm their health. Make sure you consult a reputable and experienced veterinarian about ornamental birds, as these people specialize in treating Budgerigar and can help you prevent the breeding of abnormal or sick Budgerigar. .

Here are some things a veterinarian should look for to ensure the health of birds:

Both birds should not be discolored.

None of the birds have discharge from their anus.

Both birds have an open anus and are not blocked.

None of them should be lethargic.

Both can be swallowed and excreted without any problems.

Do not vomit either.


7. Put Budgerigar in a cage.

Leave your Budgerigar alone in a cage with each other. Set up a private cage for your mate to raise Budgerigar. This not only makes them more comfortable but also increases their chances of having children. This mating is similar to the behavior they have in nature and causes them to reproduce.

If they start fighting with each other, get one of these two birds out of the cage. Then place the Budgerigar in two cages next to each other. Watch out for some of their behaviors, such as playing with each other or touching the beak of the pair through the bars. Once they are compatible, you can return them to a cage.

8- Monitoring birds

Monitor bird interactions as this may be a sign of mating. As the birds begin to take care of each other, you will notice that they are mated properly. In most cases, these birds will not begin to mate and reproduce until they are mated. You may see them playing and sleeping together

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