Maintain and breed a Finch bird

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Finch is a small and beautiful bird that will entertain his/her purchasers with its sound during the day. Finch is one of the birds that are easy to breed a Finch and keep at home and will not cause any problem for their owner except noise. So, if the purchaser cares about the silence, finch will not be a good option for his/her. Finches are native to Australia, and during history, their various species have been sent to other countries. Join us in this study to explore how to maintain and breed the finch bird. Some people are interested in finches to fill their free time and others to earn money. Therefore, attention should be paid to this lovely bird’s atmosphere of life and keeping conditions. Finches are resistant to cold and heat and do not get sick easily. On the other hand, having a lower price than other pet birds, it has become one of the most popular.

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Home Finch Breeding and Maintenance Guide

Suitable place for maintaining and breed a Finch

The first step in maintaining a finch is to consider its habitat. Finches are noisy birds that keep much noise as pet birds. These birds sometimes sing at night and disturb their purchasers’ sleep. For solving this matter, it is better to build a cage for them in an environment such as the rooftop to live and sing there easily. Finches are very lively, so the intended cage must be large so that they can move and fly freely in it. Nevertheless, if the cage is small, they will hit themselves with cage bars, so there is a possibility of injury. Inside the cage, drinking water, a food container, a house for egg-laying is built, and a bar of plastic or wooden for them to sit on and rest.

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Suitable cages for maintenance and breeding

Finches are very excited and vitality, so their cage should be large. If a small cage is used for the finches, they will hit the cage’s bars and get injured. Inside the nest should be places to eat food, water, and egg-laying. They will also need a plastic or wooden bar to sit on and rest.

Red head finch eating seeds

Suitable temperature for maintaining

Despite the high adaptability of finches to temperature changes, the purchasers should be careful about room temperature in winter. For this purpose, the living environment of finches has a temperature equilibrium and suitable ventilation. On the other hand, if purchasers use air conditioners in hot seasons, finches get colds. If they keep their finches on the rooftop, there must be a shelter for them not to be harmed by direct sunlight.

Cage material and utensils inside its

Generally, purchasers who maintain many finches have a separate room or purchase large cages. In either case, enough food and drink should be purchased to avoid problems in feeding the birds depending on the number of finches. Water and food containers of finches must be built of sanitary steel or plastic, and their egg-laying place should be built of plastic or wood. The use of metal cage is not recommended due to getting colder weather inside the nest in the cold season.

Important points in the maintenance and breeding

  • The cleanliness of the bird’s habitat should also be considered. If the habitat of finches is not cleaned occasionally, their excrement will cause various diseases. In addition to being excreted in their bodies, faeces can be consumed as food and cause disease. So, it is recommended to clean the nest at intervals of one or two weeks.
  • The water and food container of finches should always be kept clean. It will prevent germs from entering their bodies.
  • Use multivitamins for better growth and strengthening of the finch body system. They are water-soluble and can be placed in a bird water container to provide the minerals they need.
  • The best temperature for finches to live is 22-26 ͦ C
  • Occasionally place a container of clean water inside the nest so that the finches can clean their feathers.
  • The best food for finches is millet, flax, wheat, and barley grains, which can be used with lettuce and cabbage. Boiled eggs, soybean, and cooked beans are some things that help their body grow and strengthen.
  • can also use fun devices such as coloured beads and artificial plants for finches to have a more beautiful living environment and maintain vitality.
  • Purchasers should pay attention to the species when purchasing finches because some cannot survive in all weather conditions.
  • Purchasers should consider the atmosphere of the finches when it comes to purchasing finches. If their habitat is covered with faeces or feathers, do not purchase finches, as they may develop fungal or other bird-specific diseases.
  • Avoid purchasing just one finch because finches live as herds, and it will cause them to become depressed due to distance from their herd.
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