10 steps to speak Cockatiel

speak Cockatiel

how to teach a cockatiel to talk

Cockatiel speaking instruction

speak Cockatiel: You may have seen Cockatiels talking many times on TV or on the Internet, and you may be interested in knowing the secret that teaches Cockatiel speaking. First you need to know that talking cockatiel requires patience and effort and it does not happen overnight

Of course, Cockatiels who are able to say words have not spoken so easily, and behind this story is a hard-working breeder who has been able to teach these words with his efforts for several months.

So if you are one of those people who intend to buy a Cockatiel to talk to her, you have to take the hard way. However, in this article, we want to teach you the tips and techniques of teaching Cockatiel speaking.

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In this article you will read that:

A Cockatiel who is young, male and lonely can learn to speak better. No whistling, do not whistle with your Cockatiel, and if your bird is between 2 months and a year old, you will most likely be lucky enough to train her. On the other hand, we will say that the mirror is not a good option for your bride at all, and there are dozens of other educational points that we have mentioned separately. Below you can read some articles related to the speak Cockatiel.

speak Cockatiel
teaching a cockatiel to talk

When does the Cockatiel speak?

If you have not yet had the experience of caring for a Cockatiel, it is best to consider the following points before making a purchase and then start learning to speak Cockatiel:

  1. Young Cockatiels can learn to speak better than older brides, as their minds have not yet mastered the original language of communication, so it can be said that newborn chicks are easier to learn from the incubator than the bird. Those who have lived in nature for many years and have found their way to communicate with other birds to speak Cockatiel.
  2. Birds that are highly curious and fearless and bold have a high talent for learning words, so it can be said that male birds will speak better and faster than female birds.
  3. If you want to teach a bird to speak, be sure to buy it alone, buying birds in pairs will reduce your chances of success in learning to speak Cockatiel because pairs of birds are a better way to communicate with each other. They have found and do not need to learn our language.
  4. The bird will only depend heavily on you, and in order not to feel lonely, it must be with you constantly, in which case it will be easier to teach the words to the bird. Of course, when you are not at home, you can leave him to the most intimate person after you.
  5. Never whistle next to a Cockatiel as they will learn to whistle much easier and faster than talking, and it will be difficult to stop if she starts whistling. Also advise other family members not to whistle in the presence of the bird and instead repeat words over and over to keep the bird in mind.
  6. Ornithologists say that the best time to train a Cockatiel is from the age of two months to one year, so you should also try to buy a bird that is under one year old to speak Cockatiel.
  7. If you want your Cockatiel to talk or catch, never put mirrors or toys in her cage, because the bird will imagine its image in the future as a companion and will communicate with it through the language of animals and efforts. It will make you useless.
  8. If you want to teach whistling to your Cockatiel. Perform a certain melody correctly and in a very beautiful way several times a day, that is, do not repeat a certain melody every day and do not play difficult and ugly whistles, because in the end you will see the bird annoying and deafening whistles. That you will not be willing to listen to for a moment.
  9. To start the training, use simple words that are easily understood by the bird, using complex words will not only be useless, but will also confuse the bird.
  10. In teaching the Cockatiel to speak, say the words quite clearly and always repeat with one tone and one tone of voice so that the desired word becomes the perfect queen of the bird’s mind. Also be careful not to move on to the next word until the same word is fully learned as it will be of no use except wasting time.
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Teach the Cockatiel to speak

Now that you are on the path to having a talking Cockatiel. Once you have learned all the above, it will be time to buy a young and curious Cockatiel, but you must have already purchased the cages and equipment needed to keep the bird. As mentioned, there should be no mirrors or toys with mirrors or mirror-shaped shapes in the bird room and cage, a separate article explains the guide to choosing and buying a Cockatiel.

After you move the Cockatiel home and into her cage, the bird may not be accustomed to you and its new environment for the first week or two, so you will have to wait until the bird is fully accustomed to you and the environment.

During this time, only provide the bird with water and food, and each time call out its name in a calm and beautiful voice to get to know yourself completely. After one to two weeks, you will see that when eating, the bird unconsciously You will come and this means that the bird will get used to you and will be ready to train.

speak Cockatiel

cockatiel talking training

In a separate article, we will teach you how to train and manipulate a bird. In this article, we just want to teach your bird how to speak Cockatiel.

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The general principles of teaching birds and animals are conditional, meaning that if you want to teach a word or trick to your bird, you must encourage him to do so using his favorite food, and then The bird did that. Give him his favorite food until he is fully conditioned and does it without the need for a reward.

So if you want to teach him a word, you have to repeat it over and over again when feeding, when cleaning the cage, in the morning and in the evening for the bird so that the word you want becomes the perfect queen of the bird’s mind and finally it Unconsciously repeat, for example, you can start with the word hello to greet you whenever he sees you.

how to train a cockatiel to talk

As mentioned, repeat the words with a certain tone and speed and a happy mood for the bird and always talk to him with a laugh so that the bird is happy to see you because scientific research has shown that if you are upset, the bird will be upset too. In this case, the efficiency of training will decrease.

Be sure to avoid separate people when training the bird, as the bird will lose focus and the learning percentage will decrease.

Try to place the bird in a quiet environment so that it can be trained easily and without any problems, because training in crowded and noisy environments will be practically useless and you will eventually see that the bird makes vague sounds. It will update that will frustrate you from your few days of effort.

Try to hold training sessions for a short period of 10 to 15 minutes, and if you feel that you do not have enough patience to train a bird today, stop training because it will not work.

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Simple ways to talk cocktails

Some breeders use the recorded voice to teach Cockatiels and other parrots to speak. This method may work for some parrots, but for others it may not work at all. , However, depends on the talent of your Cockatiel.

But if you are going to train your bird using your recorded voice, keep in mind that the overly repetitive and boring sound will not be noticed at all, it is better to make your voice for him a few minutes a day. Play.

Quick cocktail speaker training

In order for your Cockatiel to learn to speak more quickly and for the bird to say the repeated words as quickly as possible, it is best to use encouraging methods such as giving your favorite food after each word and praising her. For example, every time you say the word hello to a bird two or three times and they ask him to say it, give him some of his favorite seeds. At the same time, repeat the word hello over and over until the bird is fully aware. Your goal in giving these seeds is to repeat the word hello by the bird to speak Cockatiel.

After a while, you will see that the bird will say the word “hello” when it needs food, and in a way, you will see that your bird is conditioned on the word “hello” and whenever he says this word, it means his favorite seeds. To prevent the bird from becoming obese due to overgrowth of seeds, over time, replace the seeds with encouraging words such as afarin and barikla, and caress them after saying this or other words meaning love.

You can do the same with other words, but some breeders use question-and-answer methods to teach their Cockatiel to speak. For example, they tell the bird what its name is, and they say the bird’s name themselves, repeating the word two to three times, and then giving him some of his favorite food. The next time it is observed that by asking the question “What is your name“, the bird also subconsciously utters its name and at this time will expect food from its owner.

In summary, the Cockatiel’s speaking instruction should include:

  • Use younger Cockatiels to talk.
  • Male Cockatiel is a better choice.
  • The single Cockatiel has a better chance of training.
  • Do not whistle next to the bird.
  • Two months to one year is the best time.
  • Do not use a mirror.
  • Start with simple words.
  • Use clear and simple words.

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