What is peacock food?

a peacock - What is peacock food?

Due to the fact that peacock breeding is done in very small numbers and is not as widespread as other poultry, There is no special feed for this bird in the market. Peacock food can be a wide variety of plants, seeds, insects, and even some animals such as frogs and lizards. If you raise this bird in the garden or at home, you can also use some leftover home food to feed it. But the peacock needs complete and nutritious nutrition for health and having beautiful and shiny feathers.

Especially peacocks kept in captivity must be fed a proper diet. In this article, we have introduced the types of foods that peacocks are interested in eating.

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How to feed a peacock chick

In general, peacocks like to roam in an open and green space and search their food on the ground. So avoid keeping peacocks in small cages. A corner of the garden or yard that is verdured , It is very suitable for keeping peacocks. Large open space is also essential for the health of this bird’s beautiful feathers, otherwise, in a small space like a bird cage, it loses its freshness. The peacock rarely leaves his place of residence, unless it has enough food and is keeper in poor environmental conditions. If you are worried about the escape of this bird, use a net to create a roofed space more than two meters high for the bird.

When you want to keep a peacockAlways try to use things similar to those found in their natural habitat to feed the bird. Here are some of the favorite foods of peacocks:

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Most insects are peacocks’ favorite food. The wild peacock spends much of its food eating in the meadows, finding some insects, including ants, locusts, earthworms, bees, snails, and other small insects. That is why it is recommended to provide a peacock with a green and natural space, to make the bird happy by finding its favorite food. You can also use a little Milorm worm during the day to feed this bird. These insects are high in protein and that is why peacocks are interested in eating them.

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Amphibians and reptiles

This bird also likes to eat meat. Amphibians and reptiles are rich in protein for peacocks , that is why this bird is very interested in hunting all kinds of frogs, salamanders, lizards, snakes and other small reptiles. The peacock does not allow snakes to enter its habitat and nest and he can easily catch the snake with its deadly blows and eat it.

Vegetables and fruits suitable for peacocks

Peacocks can be fed a variety of vegetables such as leafy vegetables, carrots, cabbage, peas, beans, etc. They are even very interested in its fruits and seeds. Juicy fruits, especially watermelon, are among the popular foods of peacocks. This bird is also very interested in eating berries, raspberries and grapes.


The main food of the peacock, like other poultry, can be based on important grains such as corn, wheat, rice, sorghum and so on. Therefore, we can provide part of the food of this bird with poultry feed. But because poultry seeds are expensive, to reduce costs , The other foods mentioned above are also very good for feeding peacocks. In addition to the above ingredients can be boiled rice without salt and oil, and also used eggs (boiled) in peacock food.

Feed the peacock chicks

Providing proper nutrition for peacock chicks requires high sensitivity. If you got a peacock’s one-day-old chick through the incubator , to feed it, you can use pre-starter seeds or the same commercial chicken seeds and even commercial turkey seeds. Peacock chicks need high protein in the first month and be sure to use a high protein diet (25%).  After preparing a special grain that is grind and powdered, Just pour it on the carton and under the peacock chick. Discard their food every day and give fresh food to the chickens. After 3 days, serve the food in a large container, so that the peacock chick can easily access it. One month after the peacock chicks enter the growing season, change the shape of their food from powder to roll or pellet. For this purpose, on the first day, provide the chicken with a little rolled food along with the powdered food, And gradually eliminate powdered food for the next one or two days.

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Peacock food with chicken

If you want to catch chickens naturally of peacock , It is enough to provide powdered food (pre-seed), the female peacock can raise her chickens well. Also, if you can not prepare feed for one day-old chicks, use corn powder, bread crumbs and soy powder instead. But all these foods must be clean and free of mold. Also, avoid ret chicken powder in food, as it will spoil immediately. See how to breed peacocks in this link.

*Point* : Serve adult peacocks twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Feed each peacock enough so that it does not feel hungry. By feeding this bird once or twice, you will understand the amount of food it consumes daily.


In addition to chicken seeds, concentrates and fresh vegetables and fruits can also be used to feed peacocks. Be sure to leave the peacock in a verdured environment , to feed itself by eating seeds and insects. Be sure to put some fresh clean water next to the food you give this bird. Because the peacock drinks water after every meal and rest. Clean the bird’s drinking bowl daily and change the water. It should be noted that peacock chicks should not drink cold water. So the water needed for peacock chicks should be lukewarm. At one day of age, sugar or fresh water can be given to chickens for energy.

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