The best bird to keep at home

The best bird to keep at home, birds

When you adopt a pet, only your interest in having a new companion can not guarantee your pet’s comfort, and other requirements should be considered as well. Every animal of every species has a different character and demands specific treatments, and these demands have to be regarded, and birds are no exception. If you have decided to buy an elegant bird, you should first get to know different types of birds and then choose one that is compatible with your situation. Birds have feelings just like humans, and they need to spend some daily time with their owner; so if you do not have free time to spend with your bird, it is better to just postpone the purchase.
In this article, we will introduce the best birds to keep at home.

best bird to keep at home

Budgerigar: one of the most popular birds in the world is Lovebird or Budgerigar. They attract everyone’s attention by their appealing looks. Lovebirds should be bought in pairs because this beautiful bird might get depressed when it is left alone. This bird does not have the ability to talk but will entertain you with its sweet-singing, and taking care of it is not very difficult. You do not have to spend a lot of money on buying lovebirds, and if your budget is limited, Budgerigars can be a great choice.

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Cockatiel: some cockatiel species have the ability to repeat words, and they are beautiful and playful as well. These traits have encouraged many people to bring cockatiels home and accept them as a new family member. They can be kept solo, and if you intend to train them to speak, get a male cockatiel and individually train it to speak. Cockatiel’s philanthropy has caused it to never get bored around humans and it spends all its time playing.

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Casco (Grey Parrot): if you want a talking bird, Casco can meet your needs. This bird has high intelligence, it learns fast and starts talking immediately. This is a rather expensive bird and keeping it need more sensitivity. If they do not get your attention, they try to attract your attention by making noises.

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Canary: are you looking for a beautiful polite bird? Canary is the one. This bird can sing beautifully all day, and on the other hand, its upkeep is economical.

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Myna: Myna is one of the most intelligent birds. Myna does not act as friendly as Cockatiel does, and it does not have Casco’s talking abilities, but you can make a good connection by spending time with it. After Myna gets accustomed to you, it shows affectionate behavior. It is preferred that they are alone in their cage and are kept solo.


Finch: one of the smallest house birds are Finches. They attract you with their tiny physique. Finches should not be kept solo and there should at least be a pair. They usually make a lot of sounds and if the silence of your surroundings matters to you, they are not a good choice.


Cockatoo: one of the politest and most expensive birds are Cockatoos. They can repeat your words with their high intelligence. Their interesting trait is that they flicker their peak when they are excited, and you will notice when they are angry, happy, or sad.

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