10 birds that can talk like humans

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There are many birds in nature that are mentally intelligent, and show a great talent for imitating sounds. The ability to imitate the sounds of some birds has given humans the desire to breed them and have them as pets and cade.

Talking birds have a thriving market. The price of these ornamental birds depends on their talent and race. Many breeders are now using the incubator and they raise chickens of this type of birds.

Ten types of birds can talk like humans.

Some species have more ability and talent to speak. None of the ornamental birds will be able to speak;  Unless they spend a lot of time interacting with humans and listening to different phrases and words over and over again. In this article, some examples of talking and intelligent birds are mentioned. It should be noted that each bird has a unique personality, and some talking breeds never learn to speak.

Casco (African Gray Parrot)

The Casco bird is one of the most intelligent talking birds that who can learn more than a hundred words and repeat it. This bird has a very high talking ability and higher perceptual ability among all talking birds. The female of this bird, unlike many other parrots, has a high ability to speak like the male.

The length of this bird varies between 22 to 35 cm, And their average weight is between 350 to 550 grams. The feathers of this bird are spotted gray with light edges, Casco’s beaks are also black and the tail feathers of this bird are light red. It takes a long time for Casco to become a spoke.

gery parrot can speak

Even on the first meeting with Casco, the spokesman should not be expected to talk about it. Because this bird must adapt to the environment and the breeder. Casco’s intelligence is different compared to each other and the time it takes them to learn and talk is also different.

This means that a Casco may adjust to its new owner within a week, and begin to imitate voice and talk. While some Cascos have not been able to imitate sound for months.

Sounds such as whistling, screaming, sirens and bells and other abnormal sounds are quickly learned by these birds. Therefore, breeders of this bird are usually advised not to expose Casco to this type of noise.

Cascoes are one of the most expensive talking birds. Of course, the price of talking birds is mostly determined by the number of words they can say.

How to gray parrot talking?


Cockatiel is one of the talking birds that has a very funny and attractive appearance.

cocatiel - 10 birds that can talk like humans

The bird is of Australian descent, and has nothing to do with the Netherlands. Male Cockatiel are more talented and able to speak than females. This bird is easy to maintain and many people spend their leisure time with this bird as a pet.

how to teach a cockatiel to talk


The Budgerigar also has a good talent for learning and repeating words. This bird can well imitate and repeat the sounds it hears from around. Budgerigars are very social birds, and easily adapt to new environments and people.

On the other hand, the price of this bird is lower than Casco, which makes people want to buy. This funny bird , in the imagination of many people can not speak. While with the right training and patience, many words can be taught to the Budgerigar.

 Budgerigar - speaker bird

Research shows that male Budgerigar are more capable of learning than females. Hence, most of the talking lovebirds are male. The Budgerigar is small, with a maximum length of 20 cm, and weighs an average of 25 grams. This bird has many colored feathers. The feathers on the belly of this bird are green, and the feathers on the back are black and yellow.  Its tail is also dark blue. Of course, mutant breeds of this bird are also available in blue, yellow, white and gray.

How do you train budgerigar to talk?


The cockatoo is one of the talking parrots, which is a very social bird and also playful and crowded.

cacatoo birds that can talk like humans

The cockatoo bird can be seen in nature with different colors, but this bird is mostly known for its white color and lemon-colored crown. Cockatoo is one of the birds that has a weak maternal instinct, and is not a good breeder for its chicks. Therefore, professional incubators are commonly used in incubating cockatoos.

the cockatoo bird

Amazon Parrots

Many Amazon parrots can begin to imitate and say new words and sentences with high resolution. These playful birds have a very pleasant and sweet sound. The Amazon parrot is very interested in socializing with humans. The high intelligence of this bird makes it possible to easily connect and communicate with the breeder and family members.

amazo parrots birds that can talk like humans

The length of these birds is 38 cm and their weight reaches 400 grams.

Amazon parrots have green bodies and yellow heads. The beak is tan, and there are white rings around the bird’s eyes.


Myna can be called the only talking bird that is not a parrot. This bird looks like a crow, and has high intelligence. Myna can memorize a large number of words. Also, this bird can easily adapt to the new environment.

myna on a tree

How to teach talking to Mina?


( Indian Collared Parakeet)

The mango bird is a parrot from the parakeet group that is able to utter different words and sentences. Malangs usually speak a little late.

The male of this bird performs better in speech and imitation. This bird also quickly adapts to the people around it and can communicate with those around it.


The body color of this bird is green, and there are also yellow feathers on its wings. There is a black line around the neck of this bird that attaches to the bird’s tip. Hence, this bird is called a collard parrot.

Introducing the Rose-ringed parakeet

Macaw Parrot

These birds also have the ability to mimic sound.  But their speech is not always clear and pleasant. Blue and Golden Macaws are well-known breeds of this bird, which learn to repeat words better than other breeds. These birds have a strong tendency to make loud noises.

macaw seat on tree

So if they are in an environment with whistling and screaming, they will start making annoying noises.

Macaw has a stunning coloration, and its beak is also large. Among all parrots, the Macaw parrot has the largest body.

*ROSY-faced lovebird* or *Fischer* (lovebird)

The Brazilian parrot or lovebird is also a talking bird, but it has a greater talent for mimicking sounds and whistles than talking. ROSY-faced lovebird can be found in nature in different and very attractive colors such as peach face, black face, etc.  This bird is very sociable and easy to maintain.

lovebirds are eating

Eclectus Parrot

This parrot is native to Australia and has a good talent for speaking and imitating sound. Beautiful and colorful appearance, calm and intelligent personality are the characteristics of this bird. There is a color difference between males and females that makes them easy to distinguish. The male Eclectus parrot is green, with a blue and red tail.

Eclectus Parrot see you

The female is crimson red, with blue breast feathers.  Its beak is also black.

These parrots are known as the third best parrots in terms of speaking ability. Who can clearly repeat words and sentences. These birds have a long lifespan and live an average of 35 years.

Quaker parrots or Monk parrots

Quaker parrots have a social personality, and live in nature in groups. This bird is very active and playful and has a great talent for speaking and imitating sound. The feathers on the head, wings and body of this bird are green, its chest, neck and cheeks are gray.

Quaker parrot seat on hand

The flight feathers of Quaker parrots are also blue. The mutant breeds of this bird are found in blue, cinnamon (greenish yellow), lutinio and colorful. If you are planning to buy this talking bird, you should know that the best time to buy them is at an early age and the bird must not have reached puberty. Because after puberty, it becomes very difficult and impossible for these birds to talk.

Also, the key to success in this field is patience and repetition. Talking birds usually mimic the female voice better and more pleasantly and clearly than the male voice.


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