the cockatoo bird and its different best species

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Introducing the cockatoo bird and its different species

One of the smartest breeds of parrots is the cockatoo or cockatoo, which has many fans around the world. Most people prefer to keep cockatoo at home because of its unique appearance. Cockatoo can express words with a little training; Of course, not Casco’s words are clear, but he has better intelligence and pronunciation than other birds. There is a forelock on his head and for this reason it is called cockatoo, which expresses their appearance.

The cockatoos Crown

The cockatoos open his Crown when the cockatoos are excited, fear, anger, joy, etc., and from it you can realize the feelings of your beautiful bird. The cockatoo is an Australian bird that has flown to other parts of the world over time by traders. This bird is generally placed in 20 different species, the most popular of which are the Yellow Cockatoo, the Pink Cockatoo, the White Cockatoo, the Palm Cockatoo, and so on.


To train a cockatoo, you have to wait until the bird is 4 to 5 months old to find the necessary ability. The bird must first trust its owner or sit on its hands to begin training.
Cockatoo is a kind and intelligent companion for the daily life of every person that you can have a good companion in the long run by observing only a few points when buying and keeping cocoa.

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Important points in the maintenance of cockatoo

The first thing to consider when caring for this bird is a suitable cage. The cockatoo is larger than the lovebird or finch and has a great interest in liveliness; If you lock a cockatoo in a small cage, it will suffer.
Do not keep the bird in a cage all day. Allow a few hours at home to drain your energy; If the cockatoo stays in the cage all the time, it will become depressed after a while, and there will be no news of your energetic and lively bird.
If you have an empty room in your home, leave the bird in the same room to move freely. This room should be quiet so as not to stress the cockatoo. Cockatoos are very sensitive and should preferably live away from loud noises.
You should not expect it to come to you from the first day you buy cocoa or start repeating words. It takes time for the bird to get used to its new home, and once it gets used to you, it will start learning the words and expressing its happiness.

the white cockatoo

If you ignore your cockatoo, you will encounter his loud voice. Before buying this bird, you should know that you should spend a lot of time playing and loving cockatoo during the day; Otherwise it will start making noise.
The room where the cockatoo is kept should be free of any sharp objects such as knives or glass, and no bare wires or electrical outlets should be accessible to the cockatoo.
Consider one or more metal rods for your cockatoo that can sit on them. The material of these rods can be wood, but wood that has high strength and can not be chewed.

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the cockatoo’s feed

Proper nutrition is one of the most important things to know when keeping and buying cockatoo. Some food should not be available to the bird and some will be necessary for its growth.
Cockatoos, like other birds, love to eat a variety of seeds and fruits. To feed cockatoo, you can use millet and flax; Eat fruits such as grapes, apples, pears and watermelons, and vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and cabbage. Nuts are one of the most popular foods used by cockatoos. Of course, you should keep in mind that pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are without salt so as not to harm the bird’s health.

the cockatoo

Pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds are allowed if you intend to use seeds to encourage the cockatoo bird. Eggs are one of the nutrients for birds, and after the egg is boiled, crush it and pour it into the bird’s food container.
Strictly refrain from giving foods such as puffs, fat, lavashka, chocolate, chips, etc. because they will have bad effects on the body of the cockatoo.

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