How to feed parrot chicks

cerelac for parrot

Feeding the chicks should definitely be done carefully because if you give too many chicks to the chicks, they may remain in the stratum corneum and become sour, or you may mistakenly send the chicks into the esophagus and actually kill the parrot chick.

Singing birds give a beautiful feeling to the home-shop space, which makes many people buy them. grey parrot, lovebird, cockatiel, cockatoo, macaw, and melange are among the parrot birds that have a lot of fans, so we are witnessing their sale and purchase. In the meantime, many of you might like to buy a cockatiel chicken that has not yet been eaten, and by raising it, you intend to sell it or want to reproduce it. Definitely very difficult to feed the Serlaki chicken and it does not matter which category they belong to cockatiel, cockatoo, macaw, and melange all have the same digestive system and digestion. Every parrot chick needs proper nutrition to grow, the most common of which is definitely cerelac, which contains a lot of protein and vitamins, but of course, should be familiar with how to parrot chicks.

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How to prepare food and feed parrots

cerelac to parrot

cerelac is the best food you can give to cockatiel chickens, cockatoos, lovebirds, macaws, melanges, and all kinds of parrots. Be sure to check the originality of the header as well as its expiration date.

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Mix enough Serlak with lukewarm boiled water to make a soup.
Boiled hooch, skinless apples, bananas, and two tablespoons of sunflower seeds can be mixed with cerelac to become a nutritious food for parrots.
If you do not have access to the above ingredients, the wheat germ for children can also be a good food to feed parrots.
If you use the baby’s head, choose only the type of wheat and make sure that there is no milk in it or that it has at least lactose so that the parrot chick can easily digest it.

Where to buy cockatiel chicken head?

You can buy parrot chicks from bird sellers and of course reputable centers, but the best brands of chicks on the market for parrots are raff, and exact.

cockatiel chick cerelac training

It does not matter what kind of parrot chick you are, lovebird, cockatiel, cockatoo, lovebird, macaw, melange, etc., but definitely, most of the sales belong to the cockatiel, which is important to know how to crawl. And make them grow.

Feeding cerelac and hatching the chickens is done in three ways using a spoon, a syringe and a short hose, and a long syringe and hose.

Spoon feeding, which is the best and safest method on the web, and it is enough to bend the edges of the spoon with pliers so that you can easily feed or feed the chickens.
Use short syringes and hoses, which are usually enough for chickens 5-10 cc in one meal.
Use a long syringe and hose in which the syringe should be sterilized and the part where the needle is attached to the syringe with a knife and take a Foley catheter number 14 by ten centimeters and firmly into the syringe.
Be sure to inhale the air inside the syringe and when feeding the chicken, it is better to put the syringe to the left of the chicken tip to fully enter the stomach (stratified).

cerelac for parrot

Important points that you should pay attention to the parrot chicken when giving food and head

  • Observe hygienic principles and clean syringes and hoses with hot water.
  • Do not give hot food to chickens.
  • Do not feed the chicken if it is picked up, as this will cause it to become drowsy.
  • Do not feed the chickens until the stratum corneum is empty, as its accumulation in the stratum corneum will cause sourness and death of the chickens.
  • If the chicken’s food is not digested, it is better to add half a drop of apple cider vinegar to the food at the next meal and give it to the chicken.
  • To prevent infection and stratigraphic fungus, mix two drops of apple cider vinegar in the food and parrot chicken stew every week.
  • After finishing work, be sure to clean it with a beak tip.
  • After the chickens reach the age of 3 to 4 months, you can start feeding them little by little, but it is difficult in the beginning.
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