Grey parrot feeding

grey parrot food

The main part of keeping Grey parrots (and parrots in general)

It’s their nutrition and the things they should or should not eat. In this article of cotwer, we will address this important point.

The importance of nutrition is not hidden from anyone, but it is not bad to know that proper nutrition can almost completely insure your bird against all kinds of problems and diseases.

Grey parrot’s feeds can be divided into several main categories:

  • Foods: which we will discuss in this article.
  • Supplements: which we review in the relevant topic.
  • Medications: which we review in the relevant topic.
  • Fun foods: In the entertainment and toys section, we will deal with it.

As I said, nutrition is the main part of Grey parrot maintenance and the most important part of Grey parrot health.

The Grey parrot is an omnivorous bird, which can eat all plants, grains, * meat, dairy, etc., but in the meantime, some foods are necessary for them, some are necessary and some are harmful. In this section, we will deal with this issue.

grey parrot

Grey parrot feeds can be divided into several categories:

Main Grey parrot feeds

Those foods that foods are a must for

Grey parrot is considered and should be included in Grey parrot’s daily diet:

1- Sunflower seeds Grey parrot feed:

The Grey parrot’s main food is raw sunflower seeds, which is the best food for Grey parrot both in terms of nutritional value and in terms of habit.

Note a few points:
  • Seeds should be raw and without salt.
  • The skin of the seeds should not give off color due to wetting (most seeds that have a full black skin are like this and are unsuitable).

Prepare seeds that are used for human consumption. (Most seeds in bird shops have a bitter taste that is dangerous to Grey parrots in addition to being substandard.)

  • Sunflower seeds are available in different colors (black and white, white, brown, etc.), all of which have the same properties. Unfortunately, some bird sellers sell colored shell seeds as booster seeds at a higher price, which is not the case at all.
  • If possible, try to give Grey parrots alternately from each of the mentioned types of seeds to get used to them all, because if you give them one color of seeds for a long time, they will get used to it quickly and will not eat other types.

2- Raw nuts Grey parrot feed:

Nuts, especially pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, and various seeds, are very useful for Grey parrot. Just try to peel all the nuts that are not chickens. In addition to entertaining Grey parrots to break their shells and strengthen their beaks, Joon also benefits from the minerals in their skin.

Peanuts, in addition to the above properties, have anti-stress properties, which are very effective for birds, especially those who cry a lot.

a man with a grey parrot

3- Cereals Grey parrot feed:

All grains are good for Grey parrot, of which corn and wheat are the most important.

Corn contains carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body, which is very useful. Corn can be given to Grey parrots both fresh (cob) and in grain.

  • Fresh cob: One of the best foods for couscous because in addition to eating corn kernels can also create cob wood, which is both useful and entertaining for Grey parrots.

Corn kernels: You can give corn kernels to the bird both fresh and dried. Get dry corn from bird shops (coarse grain corn) If your Grey parrot does not eat dry corn easily, you can soak it for a while and then give it to the Grey parrot.

  • Wheat can be given to Grey parrots both dry and in the form of sprouts and bread. It is great for a grey parrot to eat wheat germ at least three times a week.

4- Cereals Grey parrot feed:

All legumes, especially chickpeas, are essential for cashew nuts. In addition to being nutritious, chickpeas are very important in helping Grey parrots speak and reduce Grey parrot body fat.

Just be very careful not to give the beans to the Grey parrot dry at all – either half-cooked or soaked – to soak them – to soak the peas in water for at least three days (Change them at least three times a day).

5- Fruits and vegetables Grey parrot feed:

All fruits and vegetables (with a few exceptions I will mention in the next section) are useful and necessary for Grey parrots because most Grey parrots get most of their vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Just be sure to give Grey parrot fruits that have a kernel (such as cherries, plums, apples, etc.) without the kernels (I will explain why in the next article).

Here are some specific points:

  • Some fruits can be given to Grey parrots raw and cooked, but some of them must be given to Grey parrots cooked (such as potatoes)
  • Some fruits, in addition to many properties, have properties that have the ability to entertain Grey parrots, which is why they are multi-functional (such as carrots)

Try to keep fruits (especially citrus and pomegranate) only sweet and avoid giving sour fruits to Grey parrot as much as possible (it hurts the bird’s speech).

Avoid giving spicy fruits and vegetables (such as peppers) to Grey parrots (unlike parrots, who are particularly fond of them) because they cause digestive problems for the bird.

  • Avoid giving leftover and spoiled fruits to Grey parrots separately and if you give the fruit with the skin, wash it very well.

6- Honey Grey parrot feed:

Honey is one of the best and most nutritious foods that are very important for strengthening the Grey parrot’s body and intelligence.

Packed in all reinforced seeds Foreigners who are also sold at very high prices only advertise that they are covered in honey (if true!).

If you can give honey to the Grey parrot separately (especially honey with wax), otherwise you can dip some of the Grey parrot‘s favorite foods or biscuits or bread in honey and give it to him.)

grey parrot feeding

7- Chicken thigh bone and cooked meat Grey parrot feed:

Baked chicken bone is a nutritious and rich source of calcium, protein, and minerals, which is very effective in strengthening the Grey parrot, especially to eliminate cracks in the tips and nails and a single feather.

Tip: Do not clean the bone completely and give it to a Grey parrot with some chicken meat and cartilage attached to it.

  • Some cooked meat without spices and low salt is also helpful in the Grey parrot diet.

8- Rice and pasta Grey parrot feed:

There are two reasons why I wrote rice and pasta separately from cereals

1- Their importance and 2- Frequency of consumption in families.

Rice is a rich source of B vitamins, which is very useful for the radiance and growth of feathers, as well as for strengthening the body and preventing diseases (such as Newcastle). They have more.

Tip: Do not eat rice raw. Give Grey parrot cooked or semi-cooked rice, without oil (or very little oil), low in salt, and without spices.

9- Eggs Grey parrot feed:

Boiled eggs are a very nutritious and useful food for Grey parrots and half an egg is needed for a Grey parrot a day. Eggs are high in calcium, which is essential for the Grey parrots. Egg shells are the best medicine, even in cases where the Grey parrot is deficient in calcium.

10- Dairy products Grey parrot feed:

Because lactose (milk sugar) is harmful to the Grey parrots. Dairy that contains lactose is not suitable for Grey parrots.

Among dairy products, yogurt is one of the most essential ingredients needed by the Grey parrot. Grey parrots, especially those who take antibiotics for any reason, must eat plenty of yogurts.

Dry milk is a nutritious food that has been recommended for Grey parrot as a complementary food in some subjects, which is not a bad option but should be used in very small quantities because Grey parrot suffers from gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea) due to its high lactose content. N.

Occasionally consuming milk-soaked toast is also helpful for Grey parrots.

11-Water and juice:

In the case of Grey parrot water, I will suffice with the same point. Do not use milk water as much as possible and use mineral water or purification.

You can give water to all kinds of fruits allowed for Grey parrots.
Do not use factory juices and give fresh homemade juice to the Grey parrot.

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